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4 indoor plants for improved home living

When it comes to making dramatic changes to improve your life, plants aren’t the first thing we tend to think of. But houseplants actually have benefits that can drastically improve home living beyond aesthetics. Here are five indoor plants to keep around the house:


Aloe Vera
This multi-use plant is a miracle plant that you should keep around the house. It’s a great air purifier, natural skincare ingredient and first-aid treatment for burns. Not only that, this succulent thrives in indirect sunlight with minimal care. 

This species of daisy is known to be the most effective plant in absorbing benzene — a volatile compound — from the air according to NASA. It’s particularly beneficial to those suffering from sleep apnea because of its ability to produce oxygen during nighttime.




Peace Lilies
Another NASA-approved plant, the Peace Lily has strong abilities when it comes to absorbing compounds in the air. It can break down toxins like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene. It’s great for apartments that don’t get a lot of sunlight because it will thrive without direct light.



Golden Pothos
If you’re not the one who has a green thumb, the Golden Pothos is the best way to start.  This common houseplant is an exceptionally hardy one. While pothos doesn’t have a lot of benefits, it’s great for those who want to train themselves around plants.