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4 different types of tea to improve your mood

When in doubt, drink tea. Whatever the mood you’re in, a nice hot cup of tea is always a good idea. But what exactly is the right tea to drink when you need a boost, a pick-me-up, to calm you down or to keep anxiety at bay? Refer to this guide to find out!

  1. Lavender for Restless Nights
    Can’t seem to stop tossing and turner in bed? Drinking lavender tea will lead you to a good night’s sleep. Lavender tea has proven benefits for inducing sleep as it increases dopamine production and reduces stress-inducing hormone, cortisol.
  2. Calming Anxiety with Chamomile
    Anxiety doesn’t go away on its own that easily. In which case, you should take a sip of chamomile tea to help calm the nerves. According to an article from New York magazine’s The Cut, chamomile is effective in reducing moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety.
  3. Irish Tea to Perk Up Mornings
    Dealing with sluggishness in the morning won’t be a problem with a cup of Irish Tea. An article from the Reader’s Digest claims that Irish Tea is a great substitute for coffee when you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up. The blend of black teas will help perk you up to start your day.
  4. Keep the Lazy Blues at Bay with Green Tea
    It’s easy to start slacking off in the afternoons when you want to just take a nap. But sometimes, a hefty workload will have to keep you going. Drink green tea to energize and accomplish more tasks without having to consume as much caffeine in coffee.