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3 easy and effective ways to deal with self-criticism

As adults, we tend to place ourselves under too much pressure. Especially when you’re at a point in your life when you are trying to figure things out. Whether it be in your career, social life or romantic relationships, self-criticism can cause serious harm. Especially when it’s left unchecked. There are healthier ways to deal with mistakes and shortcomings and being overly self-critical isn’t a solution. Here are 7 ways to effectively deal with self-criticism:

  1. Take a social media hiatus.
    Social media helps us connect with our loved ones and keeps us updated on the people we love. But when you’re in a not-so-stable place it’s difficult not to compare yourself to the well-curated lives of the people you follow. You should keep in mind that people only post highlights of their life but rarely the struggles. Backing away from social media for a while is a healthy choice.
  2. Recognize that you are your own worst critic.
    No one pays attention to your mistakes more than you do. And sometimes, you can get too caught up on it. Instead of being too hard on yourself you can shift your focus on what you can learn from experiences that don’t go well. That way you can choose to improve instead of dwelling on past mistakes.
  3. Make time for what brings you joy.
    When we’re being too critical of ourselves, we tend to dwell on our problems alone. Reclusive behavior only makes things worse but a little time alone won’t hurt. Once you’ve got enough time for yourself you can make time to do the things you love. This includes hobbies or hanging out with friends to take your mind off stress and worry.