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10 Reasons You Should Become A Truck Driver

If you’re getting sick of the 9 to 5 grind then maybe you should consider a career as a truck driver. Truck driving has a number of benefits, as long as you’re the right kind of person, and anyone can be great at it regardless of age, gender or cultural background – as long as you enjoy driving that is!

There’s Always Plenty Of Work

As long as companies need to move stock around the country, there will never be a shortage of work for truck drivers. Trains and cargo ships can be used to transport goods a part of the way, but to get products anywhere that isn’t a train station or dock trucks are needed. From farming machinery to mobile phones, every product that needs to be transported will at some point see the inside of a truck. Learning how to be a good truck driver can be difficult, but at the HGV Training Services you will be taught all of the skills you need.

Flexible Work Times

Driving trucks allows you to set your own schedule (although you will need to set it in advance). You will be able to decide which jobs you want to take on, and which will take up too much of your time. Whether you prefer to work at nights, want to take on as much work as possible or only want to drive a few times a week to earn a bit of extra money your schedule can be accommodated.

Job Security

Shipping isn’t going anywhere – in fact, as the demand for new products grows the shipping industry will only grow with it. This means that truck drivers aren’t going anywhere – in fact, demand is only increasing! Your job also can’t be outsourced, because you need to be able to physically drive the truck.

See New Places

You will go through some beautiful parts of the country as a truck driver. If your schedule is a bit flexible, or you are running ahead of time, you will be able to stop and enjoy some of the small country towns you will be passing through. You will also frequently end up with a day or two to spend at your destination, so you will be able to experience a number of different cities.

High Potential Earnings

If you are prepared to work a lot, you can make a fair amount of money as a truck driver. There are legal limits on how often and for how long at a stretch you can be on the road, but even staying within these restrictions the money can pile up very quickly driving trucks.

Your Own Space

How many workplaces have just you in them? When you are in your cab, you pick the music (or radio station), you decide where to stop for coffee or lunch and you largely set your own hours. There’s no one micromanaging you, no office politics and no boss to keep onside.

Plenty Of Variety

There are many different places you can drive your truck, with plenty of different jobs. If you want to stay close to home, you could take work moving stock around your city and the surrounding area. If you like travelling, you can try to get jobs that will take you to places you want to see. If you just like being on the open road, you can find work that takes you down highways across the country.

Live The Dream

When you were a kid, did you play with toy trucks? Well you can make your childhood dreams come true! There’s something very appealing about driving a huge chuck of machinery for a living, and every time you stop and think about what you do for a living, you will realise how lucky you are.

Making A Difference

Truck drivers are absolutely vital for society to function. When you take on the job, you know that without people like you food wouldn’t get to people who need it and commerce would grind to a halt. You know that every day you are making a positive difference to people’s lives – how many other jobs can say that?

Getting Started Is Easy

If you have a drivers licence, you can easily get licensed to drive a truck. All you need to do is complete an instructional training course, practice and a practical truck driving test. If you like driving you should have no trouble, and you can be on the road in your new toy in no time.

So there you are; 10 great reasons to become a truck driver. It’s a very different career to working 9-5, but also a very rewarding one. If you think you might want to work as a truck driver, give HGV a call to find out how to get help making this your career.